Photographs from Year 5 Trip to Condover

I had an amazing few days at Condover Hall with our brilliant Year 5 children.  Lots of learning going on in the great outdoors but more of the character building and teamwork variety. I saw patience, endurance, perseverance, encouragement and support for others in abundance. We are very proud of all of our young people.  I hope these pictures give you an incite into the wonderful time they are having. Enjoy. Mrs Hillx

DSC00397 DSC00399 DSC00400 DSC00401 DSC00402 DSC00403 DSC00404 DSC00405 DSC00406 DSC00407 DSC00408 DSC00411 DSC00413 DSC00414 DSC00415 DSC00416 DSC00418 DSC00419 DSC00420 DSC00421 DSC00423 DSC00424 DSC00427 DSC00428 DSC00434 DSC00437 DSC00438 DSC00440 DSC00443 DSC00444 DSC00448 DSC00450 DSC00453 DSC00454 DSC00456 DSC00457 DSC00459 DSC00460 DSC00462 DSC00464 DSC00466 DSC00468 DSC00469 DSC00470 DSC00473 DSC00474 DSC00475 DSC00476 DSC00477 DSC00478 DSC00479 DSC00481 DSC00482 DSC00483 DSC00484 DSC00485 DSC00488 DSC00489 DSC00490 DSC00492 DSC00493 DSC00494 DSC00496 DSC00498 DSC00499 DSC00500 DSC00501 DSC00502 DSC00503 DSC00504 DSC00505 DSC00506 DSC00507 DSC00508 DSC00510 DSC00511 DSC00513 DSC00514 DSC00517 DSC00518 DSC00519 DSC00520 DSC00522 DSC00523 DSC00524 DSC00527 DSC00529 DSC00532 DSC00534 DSC00535 DSC00536 DSC00542 DSC00543 DSC00544 DSC00545 DSC00546 DSC00547 DSC00548 DSC00549 DSC00550 DSC00551 DSC00552 DSC00553 DSC00554 DSC00555 DSC00556 DSC00558 DSC00560 DSC00561 DSC00562 DSC00565 DSC00566 DSC00567 DSC00568 DSC00569 DSC00570 DSC00573 DSC00574 DSC00575 DSC00576 DSC00577 DSC00578 DSC00580 DSC00581 DSC00582 DSC00583 DSC00584 DSC00585 DSC00586 DSC00587 DSC00588 DSC00589 DSC00590 DSC00591 DSC00592 DSC00593 DSC00595 DSC00596 DSC00597 DSC00598 DSC00599 DSC00600

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